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Ethical Principles Guiding the Use of AI in Healthcare


Read about guidelines on ethics for use of AI  in healthcare as developed by PATH (Partnership for Artificial Intelligence, Telemedicine and Robotics in Healthcare) and shared by Jonathan Linkous.





Data Empathy and AI (Part 1).The Need for a Patient Centric Analytics Ecosystem

Data Empathy and AI (Part 2).Legal Theory Disruption and Ethics

A two part article written by Kevin Michael Mooney, Esq.,Senior Director, Enterprise Data Governance,Cleveland Clinic.

It presents an excellent and comprehensive view point  on data management, artificial Intelligence applications and it's associated ethical and legal challenges.

Clarifying and detailing some of the ethical and legal principles, it's a must read to understand this  context of data management and AI in healthcare beyond building and implementing algorithms.


A guide to getting started with machine learning in healthcare

A simple but exclusive 14 step guide compiled by members of BrainX Community to help get started with machine learning in healthcare.

Learning the basic programming skills, resources needed to get started on a project and more are all outlined in this simple guide.

Most importantly, it's a primer in getting bilingual and fostering collaboration between healthcare professionals and machine learning experts.

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