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BrainX Community Live ! June 2021 

On June 29, 2021, at 5:00 - 6:00 PM, join us for our special event in celebration of our 3 year anniversary. BrainX community Live event titled, “Serendipity in the Art of Healthcare Innovation”.     Click here to register.    


June 29, 2021. 5:00 – 6:00 PM EST via Zoom. Click here to register.

5:00-5:05 PM: BrainX Community live! 

5:05-5:30 PM: “Serendipity in the Art of Healthcare Innovation”: Francis A. Papay, MD. 

5:30 - 5:45 PM: Panel discussion with BrainX Community Founders. Piyush Mathur MD, Francis A. Papay MD, Kamal Maheshwari MD, Jacek Cywinski MD, Ashish Khanna MD

5:45 -6:00 PM: Q&A, Networking 


BRAINX TALKS - Conversations in AI for All!  NEW PODCAST

In conversation with Narges Razavian.

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A Podcast  series focused on delivering conversations from a community of clinicians and AI experts from around the world about their views, work and  future outlook for applications of  AI in healthcare and more.

Dr. Narges Razavian is an assistant professor in the Departments of Population Health and Radiology conducting research in the Center for Healthcare Innovation and Delivery Science (CHIDS), and a member of its Predictive Analytics Unit.

In this episode we dig deeper into her team's recent work with using graph neural networks to represent EHR data. Dr. Razavian's team was able to validate their model predictions by predicting onset of dementia 2 years in advance. We talked about data gaps within an EHR and challenges specially for ICU patients due to lack of data capture. Dr. Razavian spoke about her experience fighting on the frontlines of the COVID pandemic with data science, especially as New York was one of the first cities to be affected by it. She spoke about how the questions they tackled changed with the course of the pandemic from: how to determine who might be having covid during the early days to how to free up capacity as the pandemic intensity increased.

Dr. Razavian also shared her practical thoughts on how data scientists and clinicians can become better collaborators. She is now very excited about scaling machine learning to be deployable at the point-of-care, a skill her team mastered during COVID.

BrainX Talks is brought to you by Alok Kothari and  Dr.Ashish Khanna.


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare - 2020 Year in Review  


A BrainX Community exclusive!

Watch the presentation on BrainX Community's Youtube channel by Dr. Piyush Mathur.

A review of 3000+ peer reviewed publications related to artificial intelligence in healthcare published in 2020 with specialist reviews, curated list and top picks.Get the hot topics,trends, connect with the lead researchers and get specialists point of views - all through one review.


A guide to getting started with machine learning in healthcare

A simple but exclusive 14 step guide compiled by members of BrainX Community to help get started with machine learning in healthcare.

Learning the basic programming skills, resources needed to get started on a project and more are all outlined in this simple guide.

Most importantly, it's a primer in getting bilingual and fostering collaboration between healthcare professionals and machine learning experts.

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