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BrainX Community Live!

BRAINX COMMUNITY, a group of experts in machine learning, healthcare and innovation has grown to be 1300+ international member strong since its inception in May 2018.

For July 2019,BrainX community Live event, we travel to India to jointly hold a symposium on, "Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare".This event is in collaboration with Lead Angels,eDC and FITT of IIT Delhi.

Full details of the symposium:AI in Healthcare Symposium (1)

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For more details, BrainX Community platform is available through and LinkedIn group called BrainX Community. 


The rAIdiologist will see you now


This interesting article as shared by Dr.Malik,discusses some of the challenges faced by Radiology today and how the “Applied Intelligence” is likely to impact and transform the future.

A guide to getting started with machine learning in healthcare

A simple but exclusive 14 step guide compiled by members of BrainX Community to help get started with machine learning in healthcare.

Learning the basic programming skills, resources needed to get started on a project and more are all outlined in this simple guide.

Most importantly, it's a primer in getting bilingual and fostering collaboration between healthcare professionals and machine learning experts.

BrainX Community 

Facts and Figures

1300+ international members:Largest online community for machine learning in healthcare.

24+ countries.

14 Live monthly monthly sessions since May 2018.

Largest repository of data sources links.

Single place for curated  machine learning in healthcare scientific articles.

Diversity in membership including Medical Students, Computer Science Graduate and Postgraduate Students, Physicians, Data Scientists, AI/ML Academicians, University Professors, Inventors, Innovation Managers, Entrepreneurs and even High School Students! 

One  vision

Machine Learning in healthcare for good.

One mission

Connect, learn and share scientific knowledge about applications of Machine Learning in healthcare.

One ask

Connect and Contribute


Next Steps...

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