Augmented Intelligence:Moving beyond man vs machine


Artificial Intelligence described as new electricity by Prof.Andrew Ng, is certainly leading to construction of new “powerhouses”.I recently had the opportunity to participate at two such powerhouse conferences, both focused on applications of Artificial Intelligence(AI)/Machine Learning(ML) in Healthcare.


ai+MD 2018(http://(

ai+MD, organized by Dr.Anthony Chang’s AI Med group was a physician focused conference which discussed various aspects of AI applications in clinical settings, its pitfalls, current state and future possibilities.I was honored to be part of the inaugural panel and delivered my presentation titled, “Truth vs Hype:AI in Healthcare”,focused on understanding the current scientific evidence and pitfalls of hype in this field.At the end of the conference, there was a consensus that man+machine is exponentially better than man vs machine, man being clinician and machine being AI/ML.

ML for Healthcare, 2018(

At the Stanford,ML for Healthcare conference, hosted by Ken Jung and Nigam Shah the focus was mostly ML aspects of healthcare applications.Professors Abraham Verghese, Russell Greiner and Andrew Ng  amongst many others presented the clinical needs, vision and a word of caution for ML in healthcare research and innovation.Being an anesthesiologist,I was  also thrilled to see the engagement and leadership from anesthesiologists such as Drs. James Fackler, Randall Wetzel and Micheal Burns at the conference.

Lots of passion and energy from the students and academics from around the world was at display.It was humbling to obeserve that despite all the fiscal advantages of engaging in various other industries, many of the participants found their passion in healthcare for good of humanity and the intrigue of messy healthcare data.

Learning, connecting and sharing data was my motivation to attend these conferences bringing AI/ML and healthcare experts together.Sharing and building together is the future for us at BrainX Community.

Piyush Mathur MD,FCCM