BrainX Community is the largest and the fastest growing online group for application of machine learning in healthcare.Our focus is on sharing and growing knowledge in this area and to foster innovation and research.

A 200+ people strong group that has come together in less than 2 months, we are growing very rapidly.Members include physicians, clinicians,executives,machine learning experts, students amongst others who make this group multidisciplinary.All the continents are represented with members from all over the world having joined.

We have Cleveland based live interactive monthly sessions featuring experts from various areas presenting their work and their love for the science.

We only promote real science,avoiding the hype in AI.Open source de-identified data sharing is important and supported for development of science.Also learn about various aspects of data in healthcare through the DATA section of BrainX Community.

New and meaningful publications are posted in the LEARN section of BrainX Community webpage on a routine basis.

Everyone’s participation is valuable.Let’s share the knowledge,spread the word and help shape the future of healthcare and machine learning  for good.

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