With the adoption of electronic health records in healthcare, access to digital data has created an opportunity that never existed before.While data which still resides in smaller protected  silos of various healthcare systems is growing,so are many other platforms which includes wearables, smart devices with IOT capabilities and connected care.These are only going to exponentially increase the amount of data we collect and store.

Are we ready to use this data?

Healthcare professionals need to work together with machine learning experts to create innovative solutions and advanced analytics platforms for data processing, meaningful use and ultimately impactful interventions which will advance patient care.

How will we intersect?

Currently,other than a few episodic meetings there is no venue for constant interaction between the healthcare community,machine learning experts and others with similar interests.

Hence,the need to create the BRAINX COMMUNITY which is the first online community providing a platform for connected exchange of information and development.

Piyush Mathur MD,FCCM

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