BrainX Community continues to expand to various areas of the world, nurturing an environment to learn, connect and share data for machine learning in healthcare for good.

Thanks to the efforts of Tomasz ROGULA, MD, PhD, FACS , Klaudia PRONIEWSKA, PhD, Eng. , Aneta MYSZKA, MD  and Nasit VURGUN, MD, we are growing this community efforts in Europe.

This community is open to members of all backgrounds including clinicians, data scientists, engineers, students, anyone and everyone with interest in application of  machine learning in healthcare.

Join us in supporting the growth of this community, growing organically with a common purpose, vision and mission to scientifically promote knowledge expansion.

The first symposium on AI in healthcare was held on October 30,2019 to give a wholistic perspective on application of artificial intelligence in healthcare.Watch some of the videos from the symposium here.